The scientific "Association of Tunisian Researchers and University Teachers" (ACEUT) is regulated by rules inciting respect of the State, democracy, transparency, equality and human rights .

This association is anti-violence, hatered, religious, race or region fanatism. It also engages in never collecting funds or offering any financial help to political parties or to any national, regional or local candidates.
The aim of this association is:

  • to create a communication web that provides a link between researchers and university teachers in Tunisia and other countries .
  • it’s also going to create interrelations and means of help between university and industrial institutions .
  • it will use modern technologies to advertise the association, its programs, and its activities.
  • it will try to provide a link between scientific laboratories .
  • The association will also provide real and virtual spaces for making relations and exchanging skills as well as information.
  • Organizing regular debate sessions to find solutions to problems and difficulties faced by researchers and university teachers.
  • Reinforcing partnership between Tunisia and other countries in scientific research.
  • * Organizing scientific and cultural conferences, trainings and workshops.
  • participating in all interesting related activities.